Namibian Ambassador in Speech


       On the 24th of June 2019 in Shijiazhuang Hebei province, the Namibian ambassador with the two Namibian students (from our school) went to welcome the first ever beef batch from Namibia. Namibia was approved to export beef to China later this year. The process which was rather not easy but finally worked out has proved the kind of relationship between the two countries. The ambassador of the Republic of Namibia in his speech stated how this is a great achievement to Namibia as he believes that in order to create a win-win cooperation environment and realize happiness for all, we need to combine our complementary strengths while strive to meet the prospective needs, and the success of the beef story shows how it can be achieved. As China is enjoying greater prosperity today, the Chinese people are also eager to have access to high quality products. On the other hand, Namibia as a thriving developing country is eager to expand its international market, and to create more job opportunities. By conducting trade like this, people from both countries benefit.


                                   Miss Bertha and Mr. Elton


       It is Namibia's sincere hope that through the forum of China-Africa Cooperation and Belt and Road initiative, China-Africa and China Namibia friendship will continue to thrive and bring more opportunities and benefits to the people.


                                  with Chinese representatives



Written by Bertha, a student from CE2016 in Shijiazhuang Tiedao University