On the 25th of June 2019,the Working Meeting on Teaching Supervision was held at 4pm in the meeting room of International Education School. All the three school leaders and the profound supervision professors coming from different schools attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Professor Wang Xiaoling.


       They exchanged opinions and put forward suggestions tightly around the theme of how to improve the quality of teaching international students. First, they all gave high praise for students’ attendance rate in this semester, which is much better than ever before. And they also praised the effective work of our examination invigilator team, which had given all the teachers great help in keeping the order during exams. The meeting suggested that the student invigilators team consummate their system so that it can keep running even when this batch of students graduate from school. The meeting also raised some problems which happened in this semester, including some students kept being late, talking, playing phone, and even sleeping in class. The issue of internship of students was also discussed heatedly.



       Mr. Bai, the dean of international school, answered all the questions and issues one by one. He said the quality of teaching is always the most important matter at any time.The school will strive to solve all the problems to create a good, effective class atmosphere. For example, the using of bags or cupboard for storing mobile phones in class, the using of facial recognize system to check the lateness of students. Above all teachers should improve their responsibility in handle the discipline of classes.

       To the issue of internship, it is difficult for foreign students to go out of school to do practice because of the issue of Chinese law, the obtaining of internship visa, the accommodation, the residential record, and the contact with local police station, etc. But the school will try their best to set more internship within academic schools accordingly.



       The meeting also discussed the issue of courses design, big classes, communication between schools, and the English language training of teachers, etc.